Streamline capture, collaborate with teammates, assign tasks, and organize files to effortlessly stay on top of deadlines.

Capture Assistant.

Make an educated bid/no-bid decision in minutes by leveraging Sweetspot's Capture Assistant to estimate your probability of winning an opportunity. Sweetspot AI then uses your capture data to fine tune your Proposal Copilot responses.


Leverage pipelines to easily triage all the opportunities you'd like to pursue.

Organization Profile.

Fill out your organization profile and Sweetspot AI will recommend you the most relevant contracts and help you respond to any opportunity based on the information you've uploaded.

Team Collaboration.

Invite team-members for seamless collaboration. Assign tasks, share chat threads, and work together to tackle any proposal.

Manage Tasks.

Manage tasks on each pursuit's kanban board to ensure that you and your team are staying on top of internal and external deadlines.

Organize Files.

Sweetspot AI automatically extracts opportunity files for easy reference. For additional flexibility, upload any files so that Sweetspot AI can leverage this information to help you respond to the RFx.

Library & Template Support.

Upload templates and memorable phrases so that Sweetspot AI can use this information as a guide to construct your proposal responses.