Draft proposal responses in a matter of minutes, not days.

Automatic Compliance Matrix Generation.

Sweetspot AI uses an ensemble of machine learning algorithms to extract and rerank compliance items, ensuring no requirements slip through the cracks.

Outline Builder.

Sweetspot AI reads through the opportunity to create an outline, so you can easily respond to proposals section by section.

Inline Editing.

Dynamically instruct Sweetspot AI to edit the proposal, without ever having to move your cursor away from the document.


Sweetspot AI has full context of any content you've uploaded in your organization profile, allowing you to seamlessly reference specific files to ask questions or write your proposal response.

Web Search.

Sweetspot AI has full access to the internet, ensuring that our model is up to date on current events. Leverage this for asking questions, market research, or for quickly citing facts and figures within your proposal response.

Model Switching.

Sweetspot AI has the ability to switch between different large language models, allowing you to guide the AI to prioritize speed or intelligence.